Reggae, the word when spoken one can immediately envision artists both past and present that has set the industry standards for the growing genre. Reggae has evolved into styles fused with characteristics of each band and their signature sound. The Steppas are a Hawaii based band whose sound is that exact fusion of roots, rock, ska, and occasional lovers reggae. Heavily influenced by worldly reggae bands and artists The Steppas musical goal is to inspire generations of listeners to take constant strides in obtaining their goals and to never give up on their dreams! Dreams do come true, just ask the five core members of the band Star Alaniz, Kekolu Pavao, Makana Rosetti, Samuel Ikeda, and Paul Battad. These island musicians have completed four full length tours in over 22 states and 60 U.S. cities. Releasing their debut self entitled EP in 2012, The Steppas EP hit #6 on the Itunes reggae charts. Their second release entitled The Love Shack gained popularity with listeners and quickly hit #2 on the Itunes charts and #6 on the U.S. billboard reggae charts. Not losing momentum their single, if we try was the precursor to their soon to be 2014 release of their latest EP, To you from we, this time #1 on the Itunes charts and #2 on the U.S. billboard reggae charts solidifying their movement as one of Hawaiis premier reggae bands. Though some faces may have change, the sound we have all come to love remains the same… SO ROACHES UP!!!!

Manager: Jared Segawa

Phone: 310.256.7546


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