Coming out of Orange County, California, Seedless has built their fanbase by playing live shows relentlessly to spread their music. After releasing their first album in 2010, "Twisted Roots", Seedless toured nationally year after year with acts like Soja, The Expendables, Stick Figure and Tribal Seeds. Bringing an energetic performance and soul-filled sound, Seedless, led by vocalist Matthew Liufau, has gained a loyal fanbase across the country. The group continued to produce music in the studio for several years. Carefully choosing what to release, singles like "Baby Don't Go", "Bullet", and "Friends" gave fans a glimpse into the direction of the band, and what they might expect from their much anticipated sophomore release, "The Orange Album." In early 2016, two members left the band, Casey Sullivan (vocals/guitar) and Grant Rivera (bass). Each with a business and family of their own, Casey and Grant wished the band the best as they chose to stop playing. The other members of Seedless, Matthew Liufau (vocals), Shay Pino (drums), Joe Bakhos (guitar) and Anthony Wells (keyboards) kept touring. They picked up hired musicians (J-Bird (bass), Jason J (guitar/harmonies) to help fill out the live sound. Matt’s sister, Essel, has also been added to the lineup, bringing her dynamic presence and skillfully trained vocals. Between playing shows with Iration, The Expendables and many more, Seedless finished their long awaited Orange Album, announcing it's release date: September 30th, 2016. Although fans have begged for more frequent releases, Seedless has upheld a high standard in their production quality and musicianship. Their unique blend of musical styles transcends genre barriers and makes certain to get their fans moving and thinking by weaving tight grooves with meaningful messages.

Managers: Brendon Davis & Jared Segawa

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